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Other Democratic Town Committees meet regularly, have speakers, and send out troops to campaign where our calls, letters and canvassing make a difference.  The Amherst Dems need to be active because 2020 is critical. What can and should we do to chan...

Election Day: September 4th, 2018

September 4 is THE day in Massachusetts, but especially in Amherst.  We get to hold two elections -- one a party primary which will actually decide who our state rep and state senator will be -- and a general "preliminary" election open to all voters to decide which candidates for town councilor will be on the ballot in November.

The race for Representative in General Court (top right on the ballot) is between Mindy Domb and Eric Nakajima, both excellent people.  Our current representative, Solomon Goldstein-Rose, not only left the Democratic Party, he also decided not to run for re-election.  
The race for Senator in General Court (bottom of middle column on the ballot) now has four candidates.  One is on the ballot:  Chelsea Kline.  The other 3 are running as write-in candidates:  Jo Comerford, Steven Connor, and Ryan O'Donnell.  If you choose to support one of the write in candidates, the rules are:  write the name (and address) or use a sticker supplied by the candidate's supporters in the space below Kline's name and fill in the oval to its right.  The town clerk must accept any spelling or without the address if it is clear who is indicated, and IT IS IN THE CORRECT PLACE BELOW "SENATOR."  Since the Senate race covers 24 towns, my guess is that all of the campaigns would love election day volunteers to stand outside the polls and, if write ins, hand out stickers.  The contacts for the campaigns are:
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Just in case you have forgotten, there are also races for:
    Governor:  Bob Massie and Jay Gonzalez
    Lt. Governor:  Quentin Palfrey and Jimmy Tingle
    Secy of State:  William Galvin and Josh Zakim
There will be a ballot question on nurse staffing in hospitals in November.  Hospitals oppose it, the MA nurses organization supports it.  Our committee has voted to support the question.
I think the last chance to meet our local candidates will be at the Shutesbury Athletic Club, 282 Wendell Rd, Shutesbury on Sunday, August 26, from 3-5.  There will also be candidates for the 1st and 2nd Franklin Rep seats, and we will honor Stan Rosenberg and Steve Kulik for their service.  If you are so inclined, Amherst pot luck contributions should be sweets.  
DIRECTIONS:  take Main St east as it becomes Pelham Rd, then Amherst Rd (all about 6 miles)  Turn left onto 202/Daniel Shays Hwy, stay on for 4.24 miles.  Turn left onto Prescott Rd (0.8 mi) which becomes Cooleyville Rd (0.45 mi).  Turn right onto Wendell Rd.
The other election is for Town Councilors.  The election is set up to bring the number of candidates on the ballot in November to twice the number to be elected -- 3 at-large, so 6 can be on the ballot, and two per district, so 4 can be on the ballot.  This means that you will receive a second ballot for the town.  Everyone will see 7 candidates for at-large and you can vote for up to 3.  District 1 has only 4 people running, so they won't see anything else.  In the other 4 districts there will be 5 or more names, and you can vote for up to 2.  Amherst Media has short speeches from each candidate and the League of Women Voters has collected statements which will be in the Gazette just before the election.  Many of us have opinions, so we should talk among ourselves.
If you need an absentee ballot, or know someone who does, note that you can get them from the Town Clerk, and that if they are mailed they will be mailed as two separate ballots, probably in two separate envelopes. 
The Jones Library often gets a number of questions asking whether anyone can offer a ride to the polls.   If you can help, please let Linda Wentworth at the reference desk know.  Call the library at 259-3090.
As always there are campaigns here and across the country that seek help in strengthening Democratic representation in Congress and in local governments.  I hope we can all do our part.
As always, the campaigns want you!

Upcoming Events: July 2018

Just an update on some events that will be happening this month.

Mindy Domb and Eric Nakajima Forum

July 18th, Bangs Community Center Large Activities Room, 70 Boltwood Walk, Amherst

Grand Opening of the Take Back the House Office

July 19th, 18 Center Street, Northampton, 5:00pm to 6:30pm. Rep. Jim McGovern will be in attendance.

Amherst Democratic Town Committee Meeting

July 19th, Amherst Police Station, 111 Main St., Amherst, 7pm.



ADTC Meeting: July 18th, 7pm

Our next ADTC meeting will be on July 18th, 7pm at the Amherst Police Station, 111 Main St, Amherst, MA 01002. We will be discussing the local candidates for State Representative, Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor, and Secretary of State, as well as the local Amherst Council contest. This will be for information purposes and discuss, as ADTC cannot and will not endorse any candidates as a group.

January 2018 Events and Update

Forum on proposed Charter to revise Town Government

Thursday, Jan 11   6-9 pm at Jones Library

  • Replace Town Meeting and Select Board with a 13 member Town Council?

  • Move to November elections every two years?

  • Various smaller changes?

We have invited speakers both for and against from the Charter Commission to speak and answer questions.  We would like people to listen and consider the impacts either way.  The vote on this will be Tuesday, March 27!

Democratic Caucus

Sunday, February 4th, 1-4:30pm at Jones Library

  • Select delegates for convention in Worcester on June 1-2.  You MUST be present to be elected.  Half of delegates will be male, half female.  Extra slots available for youth, minority, handicapped.
  • The caucus will officially begin at 1:30, but you must sign in before then.  You can register to vote (as a Democrat if you haven't already) to participate.  I will go through the rules, costs, etc. and then we will select delegates by ballot.
  • Elected delegates will hear and select candidates for Governor, Attorney General, US Senator to run in primary in September or, if no one else gets 15% of votes, to be the Democratic candidate in November election.
  • Friday night, June 1 will include hosted events to convince you to support issues and candidates and love Worcester.  Saturday will be speeches and votes.

Sign up at our Facebook event to let us know you're coming so we can get a more accurate headcount.

Further Out

In cooperation with other Democratic Committees in this part of Western Massachusetts we plan to hold a candidates' night debate for the candidates for Governor in late March .
We are also working on an event for recruiting and organizing efforts to work in winnable Congressional districts across the country -- by phone, funds, and feet on the ground.  
It has been a hard year politically for us -- don't let your energy or optimism flag.  We have work to do, but we can do it!