North Pleasant Street Amehrst MA

January 2018 Events and Update

Forum on proposed Charter to revise Town Government

Thursday, Jan 11   6-9 pm at Jones Library

  • Replace Town Meeting and Select Board with a 13 member Town Council?

  • Move to November elections every two years?

  • Various smaller changes?

We have invited speakers both for and against from the Charter Commission to speak and answer questions.  We would like people to listen and consider the impacts either way.  The vote on this will be Tuesday, March 27!

Democratic Caucus

Sunday, February 4th, 1-4:30pm at Jones Library

  • Select delegates for convention in Worcester on June 1-2.  You MUST be present to be elected.  Half of delegates will be male, half female.  Extra slots available for youth, minority, handicapped.
  • The caucus will officially begin at 1:30, but you must sign in before then.  You can register to vote (as a Democrat if you haven't already) to participate.  I will go through the rules, costs, etc. and then we will select delegates by ballot.
  • Elected delegates will hear and select candidates for Governor, Attorney General, US Senator to run in primary in September or, if no one else gets 15% of votes, to be the Democratic candidate in November election.
  • Friday night, June 1 will include hosted events to convince you to support issues and candidates and love Worcester.  Saturday will be speeches and votes.

Sign up at our Facebook event to let us know you're coming so we can get a more accurate headcount.

Further Out

In cooperation with other Democratic Committees in this part of Western Massachusetts we plan to hold a candidates' night debate for the candidates for Governor in late March .
We are also working on an event for recruiting and organizing efforts to work in winnable Congressional districts across the country -- by phone, funds, and feet on the ground.  
It has been a hard year politically for us -- don't let your energy or optimism flag.  We have work to do, but we can do it!