North Pleasant Street Amehrst MA

What is the ADTC?

The Amherst Democratic Town Committee (ADTC) represents the Democratic Party in Amherst, Massachusetts. Our job is to represent the values and priorities of Amherst's registered Democrats. Members work with the Democratic State Committee and Democratic National Committee to advocate for and support Democratic Party values and candidates. The primary goal of the ADTC is to elect Democrats. We aim to educate people how to operate and participate in campaigns and provide direct support for candidates and organizers.

What does the ADTC do?

All events are open to all interested Amherst residents.

  • Mailing List: the ADTC maintains several mailing lists for officers members and friends. See our "Contact Us" page for more info.
  • Caucus: the ADTC organizes local Democratic Party Caucuses to select Delegates to the annual Democratic State Convention. Only registered Democrats in the Town of Amherst may vote in the caucuses.
  • Monthly Meetings: the ADTC normally meets as needed at the Community Room at the Amherst Police Department, from 6:30-9:00pm. Members are notified by our mailing list of upcoming meetings, and via this web site. We discuss political issues, hear updates about the state and national committees, and plan events for Democrats in Amherst.
  • Suppers at the Harp: Join us for a Sunday Supper at the Harp once a month. These events are designed create community among Democratics and progressives. Supper is served and each event includes a guest speaker to discuss a current and important political issue.
  • Campaign Support: During campaign seasons, the ADTC aids Democratic candidates by supporting all campaign activities. ADTC members work in the campaign offices, hold signs, march in parades, and provide information about the candidates.
  • Democratic State Convention: The annual Democratic State Convention is run jointly by the State Committee and local committees. In 2004, the State Convention was hosted by our own Amherst Committee! Each year, we organize and run the local caucus to elect Amherst delegates to the convention. Any Democrat who votes in Amherst is encouraged to run.

Who can join ADTC?

The 35 official members of the committee are elected through the Amherst town ballot during presidential Democratic primaries. Members are elected to four-year terms. Elected members are expected to attend regular monthly meetings throughout the year, and volunteer at special events. Annual dues are $10 for regular members and $5 for associate members.

Everyone is welcome to attend meetings. Regular attendees may petition to become ''Associate Members," who can vote on all issues except motions to spend Committee funds.