North Pleasant Street Amehrst MA

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Democratic Caucus on June 1st At the Jones Library

Democratic Caucus on June 1st At the Jon…

REMINDER:  DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS ON JUNE 1 AT JONES LIBRARY 1-4:30 PMAssistance in setting up (starting at 12:30) and closing down, registration and voting appreciated!     If you can't come but are interested in being a delegate, let me know -- no gua...

Amherst Democratic State Delegates

Elected State Convention Delegates and Alternates: Amherst, MA — 2018

Female Delegates

  • Barbara Burkart           
  • Pat Church              
  • Darcy Dumont
  • Jean Fay
  • Carol Horowitz
  • Linda Marston          
  • Sarah McKee
  • Abigail Morse
  • Sarah Nordberg
  • Lucy Robinson
  • Alice Swift
  • Carlie Tartakov

Female Alternates

  • Dorothy Pam
  • Susan Seigel 

Male Delegates

  • Leo Maley
  • David Glassberg
  • Chris Brashear
  • Andrew Cunningham 
  • Michael Ash
  • Evan Ross
  • Timothy Scalona
  • Dennis Bromery
  • John Robinson
  • Gary Tartakov
  • Richard Last

Male Alternates

  • Richard Fay
  • Eric Cochrane
  • David Morin

Automatic Delegate as Chair of ADTC

Robert Pam — 835-0082 — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.