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Other Democratic Town Committees meet regularly, have speakers, and send out troops to campaign where our calls, letters and canvassing make a difference.  The Amherst Dems need to be active because 2020 is critical. What can and should we do to chan...

Minutes - August 17, 2008

Minutes - August 17, 2008

Discussed at the August 17, 2008 ADTC meeting were: a review and expression of thanks to the Vickery family for hosting the ADTC BBQ where a micro ADTC meeting was held; Olver's reluctance to sponsor Kucinich's H.R. 333 which calls for hearings to impeach Dick Cheney; low attendence at regular meetings; Iraq occupation; and Associate Member minimum attendence requirements.

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Minutes - July 18, 2008

Minutes of the ADTC meeting held at the annual ADTC picnic on July 18th at the home of Rep. John and Rose Olver. Attendees included town committee members from other towns and delegates to the National Convention, including the representative of presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. Not having a quorum, no official business was conducted and the afternoon was full of merrymaking and interesting conversation. Read more: Minutes - July 18, 2008

Minutes - April 17, 2008

Items discussed at the April 17th ADTC meeting included a report on the Longmeadow DTC 2008 "Democrat of the Year" Breakfast from ADTC Chair, Leo Maley. A  review of the defeat of the recent casinos bill and the passing of a MA bill closing some corporate tax loopholes. Discussions about the following: ballot questions for the Democratic primary in September; coordinated Democratic campaign HQ; ADTC Annual Picnic, 4th of July Parade; initiatives to involve young people in ADTC and other Amherst public institutions.


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Minutes - March 13, 2008

The minutes for the last ADTC meeting, held on March 13th, are now up on this site for viewing. Among the many important items accomplished were the election of new officers. Congratulations go out to Leo Maley (Chair), Sylvia Cuomo (1st Vice Chair), Herschel Shohan (2nd Vice Chair) and Diana Stein (Secretary)! Their terms will run for the next four years. Thanks go to them for their service! And thanks to outgoing Chair Harry Brooks — who took over after the untimely passing of Madge Ertel last year — and also to outgoing 2nd Vice Chair, Peter Vickery and Secretary Sarah McKee. Items discussed during the meeting included a reconstitution of the ADTC; a discussion about donations to the ADTC; an update about our meeting with Town Manager Larry Shaffer regarding censorship of certain participants in previous 4th of July parades, and possible town sponsorship of the parade; the ADTC Picnic; the proposed optional local meal tax; and a report on the FCC hearing in Cambridge on Net Neutrality.


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Minutes - February 21, 2008

At the February 21, 2008 meeting, a number of important items were discussed. Note that delegate fees are due to MassDems by March 1st. Congratulations to all re-elected ADTC members. More info on other towns considering resolutions against casino gambling. No response from Senator Kerry to our invitation. Other items discussed included the ADTC summer picnic, more discussion on our resolution to close corporate loopholes, a discussion of the 2010 Census and reluctance of Latinos to participate and ways to reach out to the local latino population through the ADTC web site. Upcoming events information mentioned included the Focus radio show on Feb 24th during which host Leo Maley interviews Lt. Gov Tim Murray. Other discussions on Net Neutrality. Ed O'Reilly at Black Sheep on Feb 28th. ACTV Forum on Casino Gambling on Mar. 6th and more.


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